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Comb for Dog Cat Brush Grooming Equipment Golden Retriever Self Cleaning Hair Brush Combs Short Hair Accessories for Large Dogs

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Material: ABS

Cat brush: short hair dog brush

Comb for dog: hair brush

dog grooming equipment: accessories for large dogs


Product name:
Comb for dog / Cat brush /Animal hair brush

dog grooming equipment

Why do pets need frequent grooming?

- Seasonal hair loss
- Reduce body hairballs
- Knotted hair
- Cause a sneeze

Why choose a good hair comb?

Uncover the inside story of pet skin diseases
A bad comb can also cause skin diseases!
Many families are very clean, but pets still suffer from skin diseases. In fact, most of them are caused by unreasonable use of combs that destroy epidermal tissue and hair follicle tissue, leading to hair loss, skin tissue necrosis, and finally evolve into skin diseases.

Used and recommended by professional beauticians and veterinarians, it can effectively remove shed hair and effectively reduce hair loss.