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Multi Functional Dog Cat Litter Shovel Toilet Cleaner Excrement Shovel Cat Excrement Dog Excrement Shovel Pet Accessories Pet Cat Poop Litter Shovel Toilet Spoons Cats Sand Cleaning Scoop

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Multifunctional Cat Litter Shovel Pet Plastic Scoop Sand Cleaning Products Toilet for Dog Cat Spoons Supplies
Multifunctional cat litter shovel storage garbage bag
Hidden garbage bag storage design gives garbage bags an exclusive location to extract and store easily, no longer need to look for garbage bags everywhere
The multi-functional base is not only beautiful but also powerful. It is a storage base and a small dustpan to easily solve the problem of dirty placement.
Can stand or hang, place it on the wall at will
Dedicated wall-mounted buckles are available, quickly solve storage problems without leaving glue residue
Large-size shovel surface with larger capacity, fast sand leakage, and staggered aperture, saving cat litter consumption by not picking the cat litter size.

Material: Plastic
Packaging: carton
Size: length 260 widths 110 height 45 mm

Package includes:
1 X Cat Litter Shovel