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Pet Dematting Comb Supplies with 10 20Teeth for Long Fur Dog Cat Remove Loose Hair Grooming and Care Accessories

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Material: Wood

Model Number: TLK25131

Type: Dogs

Material: Bamboo/Stainless

Size: 10 teeth/20teeth


Product: Pet Comb

Model number:TLK25131

Size: S (10 teeth) / M (20 teeth)

Material:Stainless Steel/ Bamboo


1.Stainless Steel Blade

The  blade is make of stainless steel, it is sharp does not hurt the skin,the hook blade can go deep into the bottom of the hair, and easily remove the loose hair. Knife edge 45° rounded design, and does not hurt pet skin

2. Bamboo Handle

The handle makes of bamboo, with slightly bent to fit your hand,that is non-slip and durable

3.Remove the Loose Hair and Untie the  Fur Knot

It is easy to remove the loose hair,becoming clear and to prevent the skin disease.