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Pet Grooming Hammock Harness For Cats And Dogs, Cat Grooming Sling For Trimming Nail And Ear Care, Pet Hammock Restraint Bag

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Bullet Points:
1. Soft and Breathable: This anti-scratch hammock is made of breathable cloth material, skin-friendly, elastic, safe, wear-resistant, non-fading, soft, and delicate to the touch.
2. Pet Hammock for Grooming: The restraint bag helps you easily groom your lovely pets at home, such as trimming nails, grooming, bathing, eye and ear care, etc.
3. Metal Hook: Thickened edge design improves the safety of the anti-scratch fixed bag. Compared with other hooks, our metal S-shaped hooks are not easily deformed.
4. For Small Medium Dogs: Size S is suitable for small dogs of 2.5-5kg, size M is suitable for medium-sized dogs of 5-10kg, and the dog grooming helper has two sizes.
5. Thoughtful Gift for Puppy: Our pet restraint bags are the perfect gift for friends and lovers who have pets, suitable for nail trimming, clipping, and grooming.

1. Soft and breathable fabric, skin-friendly and elastic, wear-resistant and non-fading.
2. Thickened edges on the front and rear legs to reduce friction and protect pets.
3. Keep your pets relaxed and quiet, and better cooperate with grooming work.
4. Equipped with a metal S-shaped hook with strong load-bearing capacity, it is strong and stable.
5. Two sizes, suitable for pets of different sizes.

1. Product Name: Pet Grooming Hammock
2. Product size: see picture
3. Product material: cloth

Product List:
Pet Grooming Hammock x 1
(Distribution metal S-shaped hook x 2)